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This page summarises the principal terms and conditions for laser tag games, bookings & parties at Darkstar.
All participants in laser tag at Darkstar must observe the rules of play outlined in the briefing, including No Running, No Jumping, No Physical Contact and No Offensive Language. Players are required to follow all instructions from game marshals at all times.
Laser tag at Darkstar is suitable for persons aged 7 and over. Young or sensitive children should be accompanied into the arena by a responsible adult, who will also be required to pay the applicable rate to play laser tag.
Due to the confined spaces, use of smoke effect and strobe lights, laser tag at Darkstar may not be suitable for pregnant women, persons suffering from asthma, epilepsy, heart or lung conditions. Darkstar Laser Ltd has no responsibility for any customer medical or psychological conditions which are aggravated through entry in the laser tag facility.
Darkstar Laser Ltd reserves the right to refuse entry to the laser tag facility to any person for any reason whatsoever.
Laser tag is a physical sport – whilst Darkstar Laser Ltd has taken all reasonable precautions to ensure customer safety, from time to time, minor injuries will occur. By participating in laser tag at Darkstar, you acknowledge and accept this risk, and may not hold Darkstar responsible for any such injuries occurring on the premises.
All bookings for laser tag games, for either individuals or groups will require full payment at the time of booking. No refunds shall be given for any reason whatsoever, including cancellation of bookings.
All bookings for parties, as advertised under the ‘Parties’ section of the www.darkstarlaser.com website will require a £60 non-refundable deposit at time of booking. The balance of the party along with the final numbers attending will be required 14 days before the date of the party. No further changes to the numbers attending the party may be made after this date, and no refunds will be given for any reason whatsoever. Failure to pay the balance by this deadline may result in cancellation of the booking.
Due to the finite availability of laser tag equipment, we will not be able to accommodate unbooked guests at parties. Laser tag games will not be delayed for any late arriving guests – no refunds will be given for any games missed.
All bookings for functions, as advertised under the ‘Corporate’ section of the website www.darkstarlaser.com will require a non-refundable deposit of £150. The confirmation of numbers attending will be required 14 days before the date of the party. Final balance of event will be taken on the day.
Any parties booked within 14 days of the date of the event will require the entire balance to be paid at time of booking.
All persons wishing to play laser tag should wear suitable comfortable clothing that allows free movement. Shorts and skirts are not recommended; they are worn at the person's own risk.
Darkstar Laser Ltd reserves the right to deny arena entry to any persons deemed to be wearing unsuitable clothing. Due to the use of ramps and grated floors, High heeled shoes are strictly forbidden within the laser tag facility. Customers with inappropriate footwear will not be allowed to play and no refunds will be given. This rule applies to all guests at all types of event.
Players under the age of 12 will be required to wear knee-protectors as issued by Darkstar.
It is the responsibility of group, party or function organisers to communicate these Terms & Conditions to all of their guests. The group, party or function organiser has personal responsibility for all persons under the age of 18 attending their event.
Darkstar Laser Ltd accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the personal belongings of customers. Personal items such as handbags and spiked jewellery will not be permitted in the laser tag facility. Items left in the ‘Armoury’ during laser tag games are left entirely at the owner’s risk

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