Pay & Play

Laser Tag Games

1 Game: £6.00
2 Games: £10.00
3 Games: £14.00


Ultimate Meal Deal
£28.00 per person

- 3 games of ultimate laser tag
- Any pizza or pasta
- Single scoop of luxury ice cream
- Large soft drink or bottled beer

Meal Deal
£16.50 per person

- 2 games of ultimate laser tag
- Small homemade pizza
- Medium soft drink

All Day Deal
£49.00 per person per day

- Unlimited games
- Any pizza or pasta
- Large soft drink or bottled beer

Mini Meal Deal
£11.00 per person

- 1 game of ultimate laser tag
- Kids' meal from the menu
- Cup of cordial

Want to make the most of your time at Darkstar?

Our packages feature games of ultimate laser tag, meals, drinks and more in easy and convenient bundles that are there to save you time and money.

For bookings or for more information then give us a call us on 01744 733378.

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